For the first time ever, KAFFNY is proud to sponsor its first LOS ANGELES film festival (KAFFLA) from August 9-11 at the Korean Cultural Center. Some of the best films screened in NY will be brought to LA. KAFFLA this year is special in that this is the 20th Anniversary of the LA Riots. Our centerpiece films include projects from 5 Korean American directors, each with a unique perspective on the riots. In remembrance of 4.29, we envision this festival articulating the voices of a new generation of Koreans and Korean Americans while recognizing the period that sparked a move to create a strong Korean American awareness. We hope that through this festival, an ethnically diverse audience will participate and create a dialogue within their communities about the dangers of racial tension, the continued existence of cultural divisions, and ways to sponsor understanding. 

KJ Park
KAFFLA Director