About Us


KAFFNY started in September 2006 and held its first annual festival in January 2007, presenting Korean American films. Since then, KAFFNY programming has evolved to showcase an expanding diversity of perspectives, local and global. Beyond film, KAFFNY also presents work by artists and musicians.

KAFFNY doesn’t care to create or define an identity. Rather, KAFFNY brings light to the many connections and relationships that already exist between diverse people, acknowledging that our own perspective is only a starting point. This direction has allowed us to put together very unique film programs, which continue to evolve.


Dave Kim (President)
Susie Lim (Vice President)
Elizabeth Han (Treasurer)
John M. Woo (Secretary)
Sharon Kim
Jisun Jamie Lee


Dave Kim – Founder & Festival Director
Susie Lim – Artistic Director
John M. Woo – Programming Committee Chair
Sharon Kim – Events Chair
Elizabeth Han – Development Chair
Jeesu Kim – Festival Co-ordinator
Yesle Choi – Festival Co-ordinator
Jiye Kim – Festival Co-ordinator


Arann Kim
Caroline Yang
Christie Sumchi Kong
Ella Yang
Eun Byul Kim
Han Seul Yang
Hye Yong Choi
Hyun Jee Km
Hyun Joo Lee
Hyun Jun Josh Kim
James Guastaferro
Jamin Byun
Jee Eun Jang
Jin Sil Lee
Jisun Jamie Lee
Ju Hyung Ra
Kan Pistola
Min Jee Park
Moon Jeong Jang
Myung Eun Cha
Raymond Chow
Rebecca Kim
Phil Mok
Pu Reum Kim
Sarah Lee
Sunny Park
Shin Hee Kim
Tae Kim
Timothy Chung
Tristan Pollack
Yea Ji Jung
Yeon Jae Kim
Yong Min Lee
Young Eun Baek
Younghae Jo


KAFFLA started in June 2012 out of the idea that the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots shall mark the emergence of the second generation voice. Its first annual festival will be held August 2012 at the Korean Cultural Center, presenting films that expand the Korean American perspective, with the support of KAFFNY.